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Pengiriman Tips Secara Online

Pengiriman Tips Secara Online - One day a young scallops on the seabed complained and complained to her mother because her grain of sand sharply into the red and mushy. "My son," the mother said as she tearfully, "God did not give us, the people of scallops, a hand too, so she can not help."

The mother paused for a moment, "It was so painful, I know my son. But accept it as a natural destiny. Strengthen your heart. Do not get too frisky again. Muster zeal against the aches and pains that bite. Balutlah sand it with sap stomach. That's all you can do, "her mother said with a wistful and tender.

Son shellfish was doing her mother's advice. No result, but the pain is not absurdly tall. Sometimes in the midst of pain, he doubted his mother's advice. With tears he survived, many years. But without realizing it, a pearl begins to form in the meat. More and more subtle. The pain was decreasing. And the greater.

the longer the pearl. The pain becomes even more reasonable. Finally, after so many years, a pearl large, intact shiny, and expensive yet fully formed. Misery turned into pearls, the tears turn out to be very valuable. He is now, as a result of suffering for many years, is worth more than a million other shellfish are eaten only as a clam stew at the side of the road.

Post by mutiaracinta (2016-02-29 01:49)

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